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LCL Shipping

LCL Shipping

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LCL shipping

Cargo Australia Pty.Ltd is a Sydney based company providing a full range of services for the delivery and customs clearance of goods for the last 15 years. We offer LCL shipping, FCL, OOG, and international vehicle shipping from Australia to over 150 seaports around the world.

What is LCL?

LCL meaning in logistics is a type of shipment where you can export your goods in smaller quantities by consolidating with other consignments within the same container. It means you don’t need to buy a huge number of goods to fill that container. LCL is the abbreviated form of Less than Container Load (LCL) which is not larger enough to 20ft. As LCL shipping does not fill a full container so these are often grouped with other cargo loads for sharing the space inside the container. So you just have to pay for the volume that you will occupy inside the container. Its rates depend upon the weight and volume of your LCL cargo.

If you are looking for LCL freight,  so we are glad to let you know that we have been offering our services for LCL and containers for the last fifteen years. You must have heard a saying that “Old is Gold” which fits on us. We are Cargo Australia Pty.Ltd with advanced services of ocean freight and It will be a boundless pleasure for us to serve you.

LCL shipment meaning – When you do not have items to fill a container then, we use LCL (less than container load)  shipping. Our main markets are New Zealand, China, the USA, Singapore, Europe, and the Pacific Islands and over 150 sea ports around the world. We offer:

  • Personal effects & Commercial cargo shipping service
  • Affordable LCL rates 
  • The shortest transit period
  • Weekly sailings to many destinations
  • Pick up from anywhere in Australia
  • Clearance and delivery at the destination

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